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Mindee Forman 

Mindee has been the technology wizard and operations backbone for our church since the COVID shutdown. 


She has been a member of Park Hill UCC since 2015. Her technology talent began making a difference for our community when recording video of the children's Christmas pageant that year. As we expanded outreach to social media with Facebook Live broadcasts and recorded sermons in 2018, her role evolved in our digital worship expansion. Not only were we sharing sermons, but also music or other service elements.


With the advent of COVID and the inability to hold services in person, she switched from being a volunteer to a member of church staff and is responsible for operating the weekly Sunday services on Facebook and Zoom, publishing daily reflections and other mid-week videos, and editing together the church's pre-recorded services. A Digital Worship Coordinator role began, and Mindee's work has been elemental in keeping us connected.


She sings with the PHUCC choir and is a pinch-percussionist as needed, and also ropes her kids into singing along sometimes. 


Mindee moved to the metro from Costa Rica in 2014 and lives in Northeast Denver with her husband, two kids, and two crazy cats. In addition to her work with the church, she spends her days as a website designer, social media consultant, editor, and writer. You can learn more about her at

An example of Mindee's editing (and singing!) is below.

Mindee Forman and family -Christmas 2019
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