We have five core values

  • Spiritual depth and intellectual integrity

  • Worship, education, and outreach that transforms people and society

  • Social justice, diversity, and love of neighbor

  • Being open and affirming to everyone--without exception

  • Belief that these values are embodied in the life of Jesus

We are challenged to think and to question - that's good!

We value the challenge to think critically about the Bible, what it meant and what it means today, how and why it was written and what that means for us. We search for truths imbedded in its stories and wrestle with some of its troubling texts, seeking good news. 

We take Jesus seriously

Jesus is a model of faith, compassion, and a prophetic life.  Some may say he's been hijacked by conservative evangelical Christians, but we won’t ignore his teachings. We do not all agree on such ideas as “Savior” and “Messiah” and “Lord.” But we are a gathering of people who work at taking his life and teachings seriously and try to follow the example of Jesus in our everyday lives.

We work for "Just Peace" in all of God's creation

We have a deep and enduring commitment to social justice. We seek to understand how our faith can inform and guide our response. Instead of only standing downstream helping to lift suffering people out of the water, we believe in going upstream to alleviate the injustices that throw people into the water in the first place.

For more, see our Just Peace Covenant

We care for one another

In addition to our concern for the world, we are a community of young and old, black, brown and white, gay and straight, cisgender and transgender, with differing perspectives, abilities and interests, committed to caring for one another in times of joy and sorrow. 

We are "Open and Affirming"

We have been practicing the extravagant love of Christ for decades, voting to be an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ in 1991, one of the first 100 in the denomination (now totalling almost 1,500 churches).  We were one of the first churches in Denver to march in the LGBT Pride Parade and continue with one dozen more UCC churches.  We have LGBT members, staff, and pastor.

To learn more about the UCC Open and Afffirming Coalition, click here

We value racial diversity and justice

We have been active with issues of race and community for fifty years. Our history with regard to the racial integration of our neighborhood is core to our story. We are proud to host Black Lives Matter community meetings and leadership team along with other groups.

We have invested in good stewardship of the earth

We have evaluated every area of energy and water efficiency we can think of - from making more of our landscaping xeric to use less water, to changing out toilets.  We partnered with Energy Outreach Colorado to replace every light bulb in the building as well as many fixtures, replace boilers and furnaces and air conditioners.  Then we added solar panels on our roof to capture the brilliant Colorado sun hoping to make our building net neutral.  Afterall, everything is a good gift from God meant for us to care for with love and intention.  Finally, all our financial investments are free of fossil fuel companies and follow other corporate social responsibility standards - no guns, no private prisons, for example.

We commit to having fun together!

Annual Mardi Gras Celebration
Easter Morning Breakfast
Easter Egg Hunt

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