Visiting for the first time: What to Expect

Visiting a new church can be intimidating.  Here is some information to help.


When You Arrive

– We have on-street parking.  The front entrance is in the middle of Leyden Street.  Look for the lamp post and flags.

Worship Time

10-11 am followed by Coffee Hour and Adult Education.  Youth Group meets at 5:30 pm.


Children are welcome to stay in worship or leave for Sunday School after a Children’s Message near the beginning of the worship service.  Children return to worship to participate on Communion Sundays - communion is open to any and all. There are Worship Buddy Bags to pick up as you enter the church for children who may be restless.  There is also a staffed nursery for the youngest children if you choose.


– The sanctuary, restrooms, and most of the building are wheelchair accessible.  The second floor choir room and downstairs fellowship hall have chair lifts for those who can transfer from their wheelchair.

Hearing Impaired

- We have a "Hearing Loop" built into the floor that connects directly to the T-coil in hearing aids.  Or ask an usher for headphones.


– We celebrate the Sacrament of Communion monthly.  We believe that Jesus sets the Table, not us,  therefore all people, including children, are welcome whether or not they are members of our church or any church.  We use grape juice and bread.  Gluten-free wafers are also provided.


– We offer a wide variety of music and styles. Some Sundays, worship could be described as traditional mainline with big organ pieces and hymns.  Other Sundays we sing with piano accompaniment, using songs from a wide variety of sources, including the UCC hymnal.  The third Sunday of the month is “Gospel” Sunday.  Our choir sings most Sundays, supplemented by soloists or small ensembles.  We encourage children to play their instrument. The choir practices on Sunday mornings at 9 am and always welcomes people to join one or more times.

Inclusive Language

– We strive to use many images and names for God.  For example The Lord’s Prayer begins:  "Our Creator, holy is your name."  And all our music uses inclusive and expansive language.

Compassion in Action Offering

– We highlight the mission of a different community organization every month during worship.  We give away all loose cash in the offering plate, in addition to designated gifts.  In 2018 this amounted to over $25,000.  See How We Give for more information.  On the fifth Sunday we collect for the Pastor's Discretionary Fund.  In total, in 2018, we gave $77,000 beyond our church walls as Compassion in Action.

Special Services

- We have worship services on Christmas Eve at 4:30 and 8:30.  Also on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday at 7 pm.

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