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We are members of the United Church of Christ (UCC). The UCC is a denominational family of nearly 1 million members in 5,000 churches throughout the United States, including 70 in the Rocky Mountain Conference of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

We are often in support of the liberal and progressive spectrum of Christianity, yet we seek and hold in balance all points of view and experiences.  


We have often taken early stands on issues of equality and justice, including:

  • Ordaining the Rev. Lemuel Haynes in 1785 - the first African American

  • Ordaining the Rev. Anointette Brown Blackwell in 1853 - the first woman ordained in the United States

  • Ordaining the Rev. Bill Johnson in 1972 - the first openly gay man ordained in modern Christian history

Our General Synod, the national deliberative body of the UCC, voted to support marriage equality in 2005. This was 10 years in advance of the U.S. Federal Ruling legalizing gay marriage in 2015. As we like to say: 

We aren't so radical.  We're just early!

For more information, visit for more details about the United Church of Christ denomination and its history. 

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