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We're gathering in person at 10 am Mountain 
and are always livestreamed and on demand too! 

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Join Us

to build a world that is

open  inclusive  just  compassionate

No matter where you live, you can be part of our diverse community of seekers inspired by the teachings of Jesus called to bold acts of compassion and justice

September Mission Partner


Denver justice project

Denver Justice Project focuses on transforming violent practices of law enforcement, seeking racial justice, and working to end mass incarceration. DJP has gone through the trenches to educate community members on knowing their rights when interacting with law enforcement and navigating interactions to the best possible outcome. Also what to do if things don’t go well and you sustain injuries and or are in jail.

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Ministries & Outreach

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Help Us Make a Difference

Join us to build an open, inclusive, just and compassionate world through a one-time or monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly recurring financial gift.  

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