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We seek to be transformed as we gather to worship God, seek inspiration from the teachings of Jesus Christ, and move into the world to make a difference by the power of God's Spirit of Light and Love.





A Church where everyone finds their place for ministry. 


A Church full of people who live and proclaim the social justice witness of Jesus Christ. 


A Church community fully engaged in faith formation.


A Church committed to developing and using our resources wisely.

  • Spiritual depth and intellectual integrity

  • Worship, education, and outreach that transforms people and society

  • Social justice, diversity, and love of neighbor

  • Being open and affirming to everyone—without exception

  • Belief that these values are embodied in the life of Jesus

We come from all kinds of faith traditions (or none). Our fellowship is based upon how our common humanity calls us into relationship—across lines that often divide Christians, Jews, Muslims and adherents of the world's great religions. We are here for each other to address the joy of our existence, process the grief and in our world, and offer healing.

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Help Us Make a Difference

Join us to build an open, inclusive, just and compassionate world through a one-time or recurring gift.

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