Environmental Stewardship


"The earth belongs to the Lord and the fullness thereof..."
This passage from Psalm 24 instructs our faith commitment to the earth, and so:

* We added Solar Panels for all our energy use

* Our financial investments are specifically in a fund called "Beyond Fossil Fuels" and therefore screen out gas and oil companies

* We replaced all toilets to low flow

* We replaced all our boilers, furnaces and AC units to the most energy efficient option available


* We replaced every light fixture for LED

* We replaced sprinkler systems and changed to a more xeric landscaping - watering less grass


* We purchased all energy star appliances


* We added insulation to the chapel roof


* We added motion sensors to light switches so that they go off after 10 minutes of inactivity


* We planted trees in a Denver park


* We bought mugs to wash after coffee hour instead of using disposable cups


* We recycle


* We provide education and encouragement for our members to practice environmental stewardship in their own homes

And we're always looking for more ways to practice environmental stewardship

Tree planting at the Ash Grove park for one of our Jesus Has Left the Building Sundays
Many of our improvements were made possible through a $100,000 grant from Energy Outreach Colorado.

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